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Amaretti Caffe was founded in 1996. Situated in Hazmieh, MarTakla Square, Lebanon in the heart of a populated upper-middle-class neighborhood, the concept was simply to create a cozy environment that is well suited to have great conversations, business meetings and pleasant gatherings. We serve quality freshly cooked meals, mouthwatering pastries, offer great coffee and freshly squeezed juices.
Plats du jour Juin 2019
MONDAY ( 10-24 )
Rôti de veau à la façon du chef,
pommes purée   19,500 LL
Couscous aux sept légumes   19,000 LL
MONDAY ( 3-17 )
Poulet et pommes de terre au four  18,500 LL
Byriani aux crevettes   24,000 LL
TUESDAY ( 11-25 )
Kébbé chiche barak labnié      18.500 LL
Crevettes au curry, riz basmati  24,000 LL
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